Equipment PKUS™ CP24

Supervision commissioning services means advising the Customer’s personnel and working at the Customer’s facilities. A list of the activities provided by the commissioning of the control, management and communication panels with the command registration system of the PKUS™ CP24 commands as follows:


1. Visual inspection and installation check

1.1. Visual inspection: the integrity of the design of the cabinet and equipment mounted in the cabinet.

1.2. Verification of compliance with the equipment completeness of the equipment specification (contractual, design).

1.3. Verifying the installation correctness of equipment.

1.4. Check for the presence and correctness of communications (command connection cables, alarm cables).


2. Turn on hardware

2.1. Checking the voltage of the power sources at the equipment power supply inputs.

2.2. Turn the equipment.

2.3. Check the correctness of the inclusion of equipment.

2.4. Check control equipment.


3. Local tests

3.1. Check equipment operation after the first start

3.2. Check the switching of the operating current, signaling circuits and the recorder.

3.3. Verification of equipment LEDs

3.4. Configuring the PKUS™ CP24 equipment in accordance with the project documentation.

3.5. Check the settings of the time relay and the settings of the modules.

3.6. Local testing of input / output circuits of Relay Protection and Automation commands

3.7. Checking the alarm system circuits.

3.8. Measurement of the transmitter optical power level (for optical modules).

3.9. Measurement of optical power at the receive end (for optical modules).

3.10. Check reading and saving configuration, status and internal recorder.


4. Complex tests

4.1. Testing the transmission of command signals over a communication channel (Optical) from the PKUS CP24 terminals.

4.2. Organization and testing of the integration of the PKUS CP24 into the used process control system (if necessary).

4.3. Check the synchronization of the PKUS CP24 from the time signal (GLONASS, GPS) (if necessary).


5. Executive documentation

5.1. Preparation of protocols for acceptance tests of PKUS CP24 equipment in the form of Unitel Engineering.

5.2. Listing or saving on electronic media configuration, status and internal registrar.

5.3. Registration of the Act of the executed works