Service center

Having own Service Center, Unitel Engineering LLC provides Technical Support for supplied equipment.


Our Technical Support includes consulting services, technical support itself, post-sales service, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of supplied equipment and software made by us, as well as partner’s equipment and software installed and commissioned at Customer’s sites in accordance with the terms of contracts undersigned between Unitel Engineering LLC and Customer.


Unitel Engineering Service Center accepts requests from the Customer about the quality of equipment and software functioning, assists Customer in troubleshooting. Customer may send Service Requests by telephone (tel: +7 (495) 651-99-98) and (or) by e-mail (e-mail: The request form is to be sent to the customer.


Service Center is equipped by proper technical tools, has demanded spare parts and qualified specialists who have all the necessary certificates and approvals and have extensive experience in commissioning and servicing.


Based on Service Center, Unitel Engineering LLC provides services for the maintenance of equipment for digital information transmission systems and a data transmission network used to build digital production and technological communication networks, and also provides full warranty and post-warranty service for all range of equipment supplied.

This maintenance includes two types of work:

• Regular work (planning and preventive);

• Emergency recovery operations.


Regular work is carried by means of field specialist visiting installation site of the equipment in accordance with the approved schedule. Works are carried out in accordance with the technological card for the equipment or equipment and include a list of mandatory checks, which is agreed with the Customer for each type of equipment separately.


Emergency recovery operations are performed by requests. For this, Unitel Engineering LLC provides 24x7 duty readiness to receive requests in case of accident happened with supported equipment (e-mail: and timely manner recovery (including weekends and holidays).


To perform maintenance work on equipment only specially trained and certified employees of Unitel Engineering LLC are involved, providing sufficient experience in working with equipment to ensure a high level of quality of services provided.


Since 2009, Unitel Engineering LLC has been carrying out maintenance of equipment on the network of such major customers as PJSC «MOESK», JSC «UNECO», JSC Energokompleks, PJSC MOEK, JSC SO UES, JSC DVEUK and PJSC FGC UES.


All work on the technical maintenance of equipment are performed in strict accordance with the requirements of technical regulations, Building Regulation (SNIP), GOST R, industrial safety rules, fire safety summary rules, current regulatory documents in relation to work with increased danger and other regulatory and technical documents.


Unitel Engineering LLC provides sufficient material base and motor vehicles, providing promptly perform the full range of work related both to resolve emergency situations, and when carrying out regular and preventive work on the customer's communication network.


Unitel Engineering LLC directly interacts with equipment manufacturers which allow to trial and reproduce various technical solutions implemented on the network, as well as to work out new equipment switching schemes.