UNIT-IMR Insulation monitoring relay


  • For monitoring the insulation resistance of unearthed control circuits.
  • Intended for the use in secondary 6-110 kV schemes with AC or DC power system.


  • Provides monitoring of current leakage in AC/DC circuits.
  • Provides integrity monitoring of circuits for gas-actuated protective device, auxiliary circuits of busbar protection logical schemes or CBFP circuits. Rated control supply voltage 220 V AC/DC.


  • Range of adjustment: 50-1050 µA, with 50 µA step.
  • Precise adjustment by front-face operating controls .
  • Blocking the trip signal, when the current of monitored circuit is more than 2 mA.
  • Output relay has a normally-closed and normally-opened contacts

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Accessories for mounting DIN rail

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