History and structure of the company

Unitel Engineering LLC is a Russian company-manufacturer of technological communication systems, automation and relay protection of its own design, aimed at improving the operational properties of the supplied solutions.

The structure of the company

  • General Director (CEO);
  • Deputy General Director;
  • Business Development Director;
  • R&D Department;
  • Department of Engineering;
  • Technical Implementation and Support Department;
  • Department of Relay Protection and Automatic Equipment and Automated Control Systems;
  • IT and Software development Department;
  • Sales and Marketing Department;
  • Production Department;
  • HR and Administrative Department;
  • Legal Department;
  • Finance Department.

Company milestones


  • System Integration
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Technical Maintenance
  • Design and development of technical solutions


  • Technical and service support
  • Training of operating personnel
  • Production of technological communication systems, automation, relay protection
  • Construction and installation works of communication facilities
  • Laying of communication lines


  • Implementation of general contracting agreements at the fuel and energy complex
  • General contracting functions, including production; development of own equipment
  • New types of equipment production launching


  • Start of production and operation of new types of equipment


  • Starting the international sales