Power supply equipment

Supervision commissioning services means advising the Customer’s personnel and working at the Customer’s site(s). A scope of works provided for the power equipment commissioning as follows:


1. Visual inspection and installation check

1.1. Visual inspection: the integrity of the design of the cabinet and equipment mounted in the cabinet.

1.2. Verification of compliance with the equipment completeness of the equipment specification (contractual, design).

1.3. Verifying the correct installation of equipment.

1.4. Checking the power supply of installed equipment for compliance with the project

1.5. Verify the correct connection of external connections (grounding and external power supply).


2. Turn on hardware

2.1. Checking the voltage at the power supply inputs of the cabinet.

2.2. Powering up the equipment in the cabinet.

2.3. Check the correctness of the power supply equipment.

2.4. Check local power management equipment.


3. Local tests

3.1. Checking the voltages at inputs and outputs of the power supply equipment installed in the cabinet.

3.2. Check voltages on battery groups.

3.3. Configuring uninterruptible power equipment in accordance with the project documentation.

3.4. Check the correct functioning of the equipment uninterruptible power supply.

3.5. Check the alarm system of uninterruptible power supply equipment.

3.6. Check correct operation of the batteries.

3.7. Configuring inverter equipment in accordance with the project documentation.

3.8. Check correct operation of the inverter equipment.

3.9. Verification of inverter equipment alarm.

3.10. Check the correct operation of the converter equipment.

3.11. Check the operation of the "dry" contacts of the alarm outputs (if used).


4. Complex tests

4.1. Verification of power supply to consumer equipment in accordance with project documentation.

4.2. Checking the switching operation between the main and backup input of the external power supply of the cabinet.

4.3. Check of switching of power supply system to battery operation.


5. Executive documentation

5.1. Preparation of acceptance test protocols for power supply equipment according to the Unitel Engineering type report.

5.2. Preparation of the executive scheme of power supply.

5.3. Registration of the Act of the executed works