Unitel Engineering LLC conducts trainings for Customer's specialists on operation and maintenance of equipment produced by Company.

Trainings are conducted on the basis of own Center for Information and Technical Support (ITS). It is also possible to conduct trainings at the Customer's facilities. 

Training programs include theoretical and practical activities, self-guided works, which allows the Customer's employees to operate and maintain correctly the equipment we produced. The structure of programs and their duration could be adapted in accordance with Customer's request.

Training workshops are conducted by the best Unitel Engineering specialists, with high experience in equipment and well deserved authority within the colleagues.

At the end of training session, each of its participants receives all learning materials and a personal certificate authorizing the operation and maintenance of following equipment.

On the basis of ITS Center the following trainings are conducted:
  • Operation and maintenance of PKU SR24 Control and Monitor Panel with System of Registration and PKUS SR24 Control, Monitor and Connection Panel with System of Registration
  • Operation and maintenance of Digital data transfer systems on the base of Connection Master equipment

For training participation, you could fulfil the application on the page of following training or send an application via e-mail (

We are glad to see you and your colleagues at our trainings! Contacts 

For all questions, please, contact the ITS Center specialist:

Annikova Anna 

Tel.: +7 (495) 651 99 98, add. 333

ITS Center is situated:

111024, Moskow, 2-ya Kabelnaya street, 2 build. 3
(the territory of Moscabelmet factory)
55.74625718624421;37.71141284655723PHP code">
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