Monitoring of equipment and communication channels

Program module UPKM-IP provides centralized collection, storage, processing and display of information from various power supply equipment and systems irrespective of their manufacturer in the part of:

  • Monitoring the condition of power supply equipment;
  • Consolidation of events/accidents;
  • Remote notification;
  • Create reports for operationl use and upload to corporate systems;
  • Transfer of alarm messages to other systems and Service Desk.

Module UPKM-UK is designed for remote monitoring and monitoring of the observed infrastructure:

  • Monitoring of sensor conditions (opening doors, circuit breakers, leaks, smoke, etc.);
  • Monitoring of the actual values of the sensors (voltage, current, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.).

An intergraded solution for monitoring SDH / PDH / IP equipment and communication channels implements the following functions:

  • End-to-end monitoring of the state of logical resources-communication circuits of various types (IP-VPN,VC,VF,etc.)
  • Support resource-service model with the definition of the hierarchy of objects and the graph of services in the system of UPKM;
  • Provision of visualization of the state of equipment and services;
  • Implements a mechanism for determining the root causes of faults, based on the algorithm for processing incoming alarms from external systems;
  • Logs the systems events, synthesizes conclusions about the causes of faults based on the sourse data, determines the states of the objects of the element monitoring system taking into account their hierarchical dependencies.