Inventory and resourse/asset management

Solution is based on software UPKM.

The software package UPKM provides an entering, keeping and updating of configuration units throughout their life cycle. At the same time, the configuration units can be both passive (for example, linear cable facilities) and active infrastructure as communication network equipment. Sustained monitoring of active communication equipment stutus is carried out.

Following are subject to accounting and keeping:

  • Areas of equipment placement (object, building, node, cabinet, etc.);
  • Active equipment (chassis, module, port);
  • Linear facilities (cables, communication links);
  • Logical and virtual resources (connections, channels, paths, PBX numbers, ets.);
  • Engineering and planning;
  • Spare parts and components that are under repair.

UPKM GUL allows to display the entire range of necessary information for operational personnel, such as: communications topology, links paths, organizations charts of end user services for the simulated logical infrastrucure.

Various reports are available for operator.