PKUS EO2 Interface converter


Communication channels for relay protection equipment via telecom network


PKUS EO2 is interface converters to connect relay protection equipment including Line Differential Protection and Teleprotection Equipment with C37.94 or optical E1 (CMI, G.704) ports to telecom networks via electrical E1 (HDB3, G.704).

Main functions:

  • Dual/quad C37.94 or optical E1 to dual/quad electrical E1 interface converter with cross connection functionality,
  • Operating mode: Optical E1/Electrical E1 or C37.94/Electrical E1 (programmable in User Interface Program PKUSConverter),
  • PKU EO2 features
  • Consist of two dual independent converters,
  • DS0 cross-connect functionality within dual converter,
  • IEEE Standard Interface C37.94 Nx64 kbps (N=1…12),
  • Optical interface with SFP transceivers,
  • Alarm LEDs and contacts,
  • 19-inch rack, 1 height unit (1U=44.45 mm),
  • Dual (redundant) 48 VDC or 230 VAC / 220 VDC (on request) power supply with passive load sharing,
  • Integrated in each of two dual independent converters nonvolatile and not editable event recorder for alarms and user manipulations with 1 ms time stamps from internal Real Time,
  • Optional synchronization of Real Time Clock from IRIG-B input,
  • Upload and text display of all events recoded in PKUS EO2,
  • All events can be saved to not editable file or COMTRADE file,
  • IEC 60870-5-101 for SCADA (IEC 60870-5-104 and SNMP with optional external converter),
  • Windows® compatible User Interface Program PKUSConverter o configuration (on-line and off-line downloadable files) o changing the configuration is password protected o testing and commissioning.


  • PKUS EO2 is compatible with any relay protection equipment with C37.94,
  • Integrated nonvolatile and not editable event recorder,
  • Cross-connect functionality,
  • PKUS EO2 complies with or exceeds the requirements of Russian and international EMC standards,
  • Immunity against 500 ms power interruptions.

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