Routing and Switching Equipment

Supervision commissioning services means advising the Customer’s personnel and working at the Customer’s site(s). A list of works provided for the routing and switching equipment setup as follows:


1. Visual inspection and installation check

1.1. Visual inspection: the integrity of the design of the cabinet and equipment mounted in the cabinet.

1.2. Verification of compliance with the equipment completeness of the equipment specification (contractual, design).

1.3. Verifying the correct installation of equipment.

1.4. Verify the correct connection of external connections (optical and electrical).


2. Turn on hardware

2.1. Checking the voltage of the power supply at the equipment power supply inputs

2.2. Turn on the equipment.

2.3. Check the correctness of the turning of equipment.

2.4. Check equipment control.


3. Retrofitting equipment (if necessary)

3.1. Installation of modules in existing equipment in accordance with project documentation

3.2. Configuring installed modules in hardware.


4. Local tests

4.1. Initial configuration of routing and switching equipment.

4.2. Verify that the secondary power source is functioning correctly.

4.3. Verifying the proper functioning of routing and switching equipment.

4.4. Measurement of the transmitter optical power level (for optical modules).

4.5. Measurement of optical power at the receiving end (for optical modules).

4.6. Configuration of routing and switching equipment in accordance with the project documentation.


5. Complex tests

5.1. Check the availability of the main and backup equipment routing and switching on the site.

5.2. Verification of data transmission channels organized in accordance with the project documentation.

5.3. Check the availability of equipment routing and switching RDU / ODU, NOC / ROC through communication data channels.

5.5. Verification of switching to reserve (in case of using redundancy schemes)


6. Executive documentation

6.1. Preparation of acceptance testing protocols for routing and switching equipment according to the Unitel Engineering type form.

6.2. Preparation of addressing and routing tables for equipment.

6.3. Preparing hardware configuration files.

6.4. Registration of the Act of the executed works.