PKUS SKO Teleprotection Equipment


Relay protection and emergency control system with command transmission


PKUS SKO is the teleprotection equipment for command transmission via digital channels.

Main function:  

  • Teleprotection command transmission via 
  • o telecom networks (SDH/PDH, MPLS, etc.) with C37.94 and E1 interfaces
  • direct optical fibers (the distance of up to 240 km, the distance may be increased using optical amplifiers)
  • CWDM/DWDM systems
  • radio links. 
PKU SKO features

  • Up to 16 transmitted and up to 16 received commands,
  • User configurable data rate for command transfer (min. 64 kbps, max. 1984 kbps; up to 8 commands at 64 kbps),
  • 4.5 ms transmission time at 64 kbps (Dependability of 10-4 and Security of 10-30 in worst case),
  • Dual line interface (on request): two electrical E1 (HDB3, G.704) or two optical E1 (CMI, G.704) / C37.94,
  • Optical interfaces with SFP transceivers,
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications via direct optical fibers and communication networks,
  • Up to 6 independent duplex links in point-to-multipoint applications via communication networks with cross connection on time slot level of E1,
  • Normal and Inverse T-operation for a protection of power lines with T-offs,
  • Seamless 1+1 path (primary and secondary paths) protection with switchover time of 0 ms,
  • Cyclic (configurable) and Manual (activated by User Interface Program PKUSConvereter) Loop test,
  • Addressing facility preventing unwanted operation due to accidental channel crossovers in telecom network,
  • Compatible with PKUS SR24 Teleprotection equipment with Control and monitoring panel on channel level,
  • Integrated nonvolatile and not editable event recorder for transmitted and received command, alarms and user manipulations with 1 ms time stamps from internal Real Time Clock,
  • Optional synchronization of Real Time Clock from IRIG-B input,
  • Upload, text and graphical display of all events recoded in PKUS SKO,
  • All events can be saved to not editable file or COMTRADE file,
  • IEC 60870-5-101, IEC 60870-5-104 and SNMP for SCADA,
  • Windows® compatible User Interface Program PKUS Converter
  • configuration (on-line and off-line downloadable files)
  • changing the configuration is password protected
  • testing and commissioning.


  • Transmission time, dependability and security comply with or exceed the requirements of IEC 60834-1 “Teleprotection equipment of power systems. Performance and testing. Part 1. Command systems”,

  • PKUS SKO complies with or exceeds the requirements of Russian and international EMC standards,

  • Compact case with a height of 1U=44.45 mm for installation on 19-inches frame.

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