Commissioning supervision

The main service associated with setting-up of equipment supplied by Unitel Engineering LLC is the commissioning. This service is available to all Customers, the cost of the service "Chef-set-up" compared with commissioning works below, since the basic settings and testing equipment are performed at the factory. The equipment shipped to the Customer site is ready for operation, and the commissioning is carried out in accordance with the manufacturer authorized methodology.


The term of "chef-set-up" means technical management of the complex of works to ensure equipment operability in the scope of supply of the manufacturer, its adjustment, as well as the author’s supervision over the commissioning, equipment testing and commissioning at the Customer’s site(s) in accordance with manufacturer methodology. Thus, under chef-set-up you can understand the specialist participation in the commissioning work at the Customer’s site - this is expert consulting services for installation, connection and commissioning of equipment by the Customer’s personnel under the supervision of the supplier’s personnel.


The fundamental difference between the execution of our company’s chef-set-up and the general definition lies in the fact that all the work is done by our qualified engineers after the equipment is installed at the Customer’s site(s); summed up, tested, connected primary and secondary cable lines to the equipment according to project. Commissioning supervision is necessarily accompanied by an expeditious departure of our specialists to the place of work on the request letter and after submitting completed questionnaires about the readiness of the equipment to carry out chef commissioning at the Customer’s site(s).


Qualitatively performed commissioning supervision work allows you to drastically reduce the risks of errors during installation, commissioning and further operation of the equipment, and identify possible malfunctions even before putting the equipment into operation. In the end, increases the reliability of the equipment, and, as a consequence, eliminates downtime; while retaining the original warranty from the manufacturer. At the end of the warranty period, by Customer request, further service support and equipment maintenance is possible.

  Qualified execution of the chef-set-ups play an important role in ensuring the reliability of technological communication systems.
  The lists of works performed in the framework of the commissioning supervision works and questionnaires: