Telecom cabinets and general data

    For construction of mission critical communication networks in electric-power and other industrial sectors, Unitel Engineering LLC provides a wide range of industrial Telecom cabinets that fulfil various functional requirements and operating conditions.

  • SHOGM – Cabinets for fiber optic communication equipment (FO);
  • SHOVCH – Cabinets for power line carrier communication equipment (PLC);
  • SHOPD – Cabinets for data transmission communication equipment;
  • SHODK – Cabinets for dispatch telephony system equipment;
  • SHOGS – Cabinets for Loud-speaker equipment;
  • SHOTI – Cabinets for Telecom infrastructure system;
  • SHOEP – Cabinets for power supply equipment.

  • We provide comprehensive technical solutions based on the equipment from leading domestic and international manufacturers. As one of the local manufacturers with production facilities and industry specific expertise, we are proud to offer you equipment developed and produced by LLC Unitel Engineering. The cabinets can be equipped with one or more sets of equipment, depending on the required functionality and based on the customer requirements. The design of the telecommunication cabinets allows side-by-side installation (line range), at the same time providing front and rear access to the mounted equipment for easy installation, safe operation and maintenance. The configuration of every cabinet includes a climatic system and provides improved EMC protection in order to ensure maximum equipment lifecycle and reliability. The set of automatic circuit breakers for every equipment and point for protective earth connection are included in every cabinet. A protection against static discharge is also a part of the cabinet design. The cabinets are successfully certified for EAC TR TS 004/2011 (Low voltage equipment safety) and for EAC TR TS 020/2011 (Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means). Each cabinet is equipped with power distribution box and set of external alarm contacts. Power feeding and signal cables fully separated. Each group of cables installed into the cable ducts that follow different routes. The applicable connectors and terminals provided for external cable’s connection. We use only approved and tested components! Every cabinet supplied with complete set of design drawings. After commissioning, (if done by Unitel Engineering) our customers get “As-built” documentation. Any drawing can be modified upon customer request.

    The benefits, customer get if using typical Unitel Engineering cabinet configuration:

    • Standardization and simplification of technical solution;
    • Decrease number of design mistakes;
    • Shortage of the project implementation;
    • Reduction of purchasing costs.

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