Osnovnoy proizvodstvennoy napravlennost'yu OOO "Yunitel Inzhiniring" yavlyayetsya sborka i zavodskoye testirovaniye oborudovaniya po sleduyushchim napravleniyam:

The main production direction of Unitel Engineering Ltd. is assembling and factory testing of equipment in the following areas:


The manufacturing process consists of a clear sequence of technological operations:

  1. The production project is opened by the transfer of design documentation to the technology department
  3. The technologist, on the basis of the design documentation, composes the technological maps of the assembly. On their basis, the production assembly of cabinets is started;
  5. According to the requirements of customized specifications, the supply department supplies the warehouse equipment for the open project
  7. The bundle arriving at the assembly passes the entrance control
  9. If there is a need for additional machining during the assembly process (punching holes for switches, switches), these jobs are done on a plumbing site
  11. The cabinets are assembled according to the design and technological documentation. First of all, there is a node assembly (power systems, alarm systems, etc.), then assembling the metal structures of the cabinet. Next assembled units and terminal rows are installed in the cabinet, and the cabling and marking of cables is carried out according to wiring diagrams
  13. After the cabinet is assembled, the installation is checked and the design and technological documentation is consistent
  15. The cabinets are transferred for commissioning and factory testing to service engineers
  17. The technical control department monitors the assembly at all stages. All stages are reflected in the technological passport on the cabinet. Depending on the requirements of the agreement with the Customer, acceptance testing of the products is conducted. After the tests the cabinets are packed and sent to the warehouse of finished products
  19. The assemblies, test reports and other documentation inside the cabinet are attached to the transport position. The cabinets are packed using WalkiMet anticorrosive paper and films in a plywood box. A packing list with customer data is attached to the box