Start-up and Adjustment is a scope of works enabling the preparation and commissioning of installed equipment. The Start-up and Adjustment works are the high-demanded service and are necessary for full and qualitative implementation of the project

As opposed to chief-commisioning works, the start-up and adjustment works include the full scope of works required for equipment commissioning, including development of programs and techniques for acceptance tests, development of channel circuits, conducting of individual and integrated tests and technical passport of communication channels creation.

Unitel Engineering LLC performs the following start-up and adjustment works at Customer's facilities:

  • digital data transmission system (DDTS) equipment:

         - Dense Wavelength division multiplex equipment DWDM/CDWDM;
         - Trunking equipment SDH;
         - Customer access equipment PDH;

  • internal communication, automation, relay protection and automatic emergency control systems (both of own production and by external manufacturers);
  • network data operation equipment (routing and switching, firewalls);
  • power supply equipment for communication systems;
  • intercommunication equipment:

         - ATS equipment;
         - Loud-speaker equipment;
         - Dispatchers conversation recording equipment;
         - DECT equipment;
         - SCS equipment;

  • IT-infrastructure equipment (hardware and software);
  • HF communication equipment;
  • Relay protection equipment.

Our Company's employees have been taking trainings for different types and manufacturers of equipment, have the certifcates necessary for start-up and adjustment works.
Our company performs all cycle of start-up and adjustment works according to the program approved by the Customer, which specify the terms,installation schedule and the obligate measuring and testing procedure.

All works are performed in accordance with approved project documentation, current technical specification and standart and are conducted with the use of approved modern equipment and instruments. Based on a result of measurements and inspections the protocols and technical reports are completed.

The result of start-up and adjustment works is a creation of technical passport of the facility, ready for commissioning to the Customer.

This particular type of works is the key to successful operation of all types of equipment.

List of start-up and adjustment works and questionnaires: