PKUS SR24 Module EO2 Interface converter


Digital channels organization for Lines’ Differential Protection (LDP) and Device for Transmission of Emergency and Control Signals (DTECS) via digital network


PKUS SR24 Module EO2 is the two duplex optical interface converters E1 (CMI, G.704) or C37.94 into electric E1 (HDB3, G.703) for connection of PKUS SR24, PKUS SR24 Module SKO, DTECS of other producers and terminals for LDP to digital network equipment through multimode fibre-optic cables.

Interface converter PKUS SR24 Module EO2 has a height of 1U=44,45 mm for installation on 19-inches frame. Two independent sources of 48 volts’ DC power or 220 volts AC / DC power (selected during the order) with single entries are installed into PRKUS SR24.

Each of independent converters at PKUS SR24 Module EO2 provide

  • fixation of failures and device operations into the on-board nonvolatile event log,
  • saving of event log data in an non-editable or COMTRADE format,
  • integration into automatic process control system,
  • integration into network management systems through SNMP,
  • synchronization of marks in the event log by IRIG-B signal,
  • ‘dry contacts’ and LEDs for failures indication,
  • optical interface with a use of SFP modules,
  • data cross connection between optical and electrical interfaces,
  • availability to use multimode optical fiber/single-mode optical fiber for LDP and DTECS with C37.94 interfaces as a converter,
  • configuration, adjustment and monitoring with a help of user’s interface program PKUS Converter.


  • fail safety at power supply interruptions up to 0.5 sec,
  • LEDs for indication of device and interface status,
  • Cross connection functions in the submodule area.

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