Telecom cabinets and general data

For construction of technological communication networks in electric-power industry and other sectors of fuel and energy complex, Unitel Engineering LLC produces a wide range of industrial Telecom cabinets with various requirements to functionality and operating conditions

  • SHOGM – Cabinets for Digital data transmission system (DDTS) with fiber-optic communication line;
  • SHOVCH – Cabinets for High-frequency (HF) communication equipment;
  • SHOPD – Cabinets for Technological Data transfer network;
  • SHODK – Cabinets for In-plant communication system;
  • SHOGS – Cabinets for Loud-speaker equipment;
  • SHOTI – Cabinets for Telecom infrastructure system;
  • SHOEP – Cabinets for Power supply of communication systems equipment.
  • The equipment from leading national and international manufacturers is used.

    Depending on project documentation and Telecom cabinets’ fabrication task, one or more independent sets of equipment from leading national and/or international manufacturers, and the equipment, developed and produced by Unitel Engineering LLC in Russia, could be included in cabinet construction.

The telecom cabinet’s construction provides free access, installation, faster damage detection, repair and service personnel safety. Telecom cabinets are to be installed in a row inside the office and production areas, in conditions of double-sided servicing the access to equipment is provided through front and rear door, in conditions of one-sided servicing the access to equipment is provided through the front cabinet’s door. The servicing works with the cabinets are performed without moving them from out the row.

The cabinet’s construction provides the compliance with climatic effect requirements and the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility overstated in comparison with standard requirements.

The cabinets are equipped with individual protection equipment for each scope of communication equipment, system-earthing terminals (connectors) and copper protective-earthing bar. The protection against static charging mechanism, including antistatic bracelet and socket for its connection is provided

The cabinets have conformity certificate: TP TC 004/2011 “On safety of low-voltage equipment”; TP TC 020/2011 “Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means” .

The cabinets are equipped with power distribution and alarm collection devices. Electrical feed circuits and signal circuits are laid in separate cable channels. The applicable connectors and terminals are provided for external cables’ connection. The cabinets consist of tested and approved components only. The albums of typical drawings and schemes are available for all types of cabinets. Due to Customer’s request, the typical schemes and drawings could be changed.

The typification of the cabinets produced by Unitel Engineering LLC provides:

  • Unification of constructive and schematic solutions;
  • Reduction of the number of design decisions’ mistakes;
  • Reduction of time and costs spent for development of project solutions;
  • Reduction of time spend for analysis and reviewing of Customer’s projects;
  • Typification of service maintenance methods;
  • Simplification of forecasting and labor contribution norms of service maintenance;
  • Reduction of service personnel trainings’ costs;
  • Reduction of maintenance error probability rate;
  • Reduction of purchasing costs;
  • Reduction of time spending on modernization and construction;
  • Standardization of communication hub equipment set (cabinets);
  • Standardization of lay-out, construction, power supply, climatic equipment and the set of secondary communication hub equipment.

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