PKUS PLC Teleprotection Unit


Relay protection and emergency control system with command transmission


PKUS PLC combined with PKUS SKO Teleprotection Equipment or PKUS SR24 Teleprotection equipment with Control and monitoring panel provides command transmission over high voltage power lines. PKUS SKO or PKUS SR24 is connected to PKUS PLC via digital interface.

Main functions:

Conversion of digital command messages received from PKUS SKO or PKUS SR24 equipment to coded high-frequency signals and vice versa Transmission and reception of coded high-frequency signals over power lines.
03.jpg PKU PLC features

  • Up to 32 transmitted and up to 32 received commands,
  • Single-step frequency conversion and direct digital frequency synthesis (DDS),
  • Extended frequency range – 24…1000 kHz,
  • Nominal bandwidth – 4 kHz (simplex mode), 4+4 kHz (duplex mode),
  • Output power – 40 W (46 dBm),
  • Two electrical and two optical ports with SFP transceivers for interfacing to PKUS SKO or PKUS SR24 and command transit at a repeater substation,
  • Cyclic (configurable) and Manual (activated by User Interface Program HMIPLC) Loop test,
  • Integrated nonvolatile and not editable event recorder for transmitted and received command, alarms and user manipulations with 1 ms time stamps from internal Real Time Clock,
  • Optional synchronization of Real Time Clock from IRIG-B input,
  • Upload, text and graphical display of all events recoded in PKUS PLC,
  • All events can be saved to not editable file or COMTRADE file,
  • IEC 60870-5-101 for SCADA,
  • Windows® compatible User Interface Program HMIPLC.
  • configuration (on-line and off-line downloadable files) changing the configuration is password protected testing and commissioning


    • PKUS PLC unit complies with or exceeds the requirements of IEC 60834-1 ”Teleprotection Equipment of Power Systems - Performance and Testing – Part 1: Command Systems” and IEC 60495 “Single Sideband Power-line Carrier Terminals”,
    • PKUS PLC complies with or exceeds the requirements of Russian and international EMC standards,
    • Compact case with a height of 3U=133.35 mm for installation on 19-inches frame.

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