SHOGM – cabinets for multiservice fiber optic telecommunication platforms

Example of SHOGM cabinet for fiber optic communication system –the multiservice telecommunications platform Connection Master (DNWP) in SHOGM.M42.14CM cabinet (cabinet design).


SHOGM especially designed for utility applications and used for installation of various fiber optic equipment, providing:
  • Speech channels (FXO/FXS),
  • Dispatch telephony,
  • High and low speed data transmission,
  • Anti-emergency system,
  • Voice Frequency channels,
  • Teleprotection system,
  • Communication channels for line differential protection system.

The cabinet has built-in temperature control and equipment alarm signaling system. In our systems we provide a fiber optic equipment from leading manufacturers:
  • DNWP
  • Ire-Polus
  • Т8
  • RAD
  • Ciena
  • Nokia
  • etc.

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