Connection Master. Multiservice telecommunication platform 16


  • Implementation of highly reliable communication networks for utilities of fuel and energy sector the Russian Federation (generation, transmission and distribution of electricity; oil, gas, coal and mining production, railways).

  • Connection Master is a 19” fiber optic (FO) equipment with multiservice capabilities for enterprise telecommunication networks.


Implementation of the state-of-the-art digital communication networks for utilities, including voice channels, dispatching telephony, data acquisition, anti-emergency system, low/high-speed data transmission, teleprotection signals, emergency response control and other types of technological and corporate traffic.

  • Line optical interfaces: STM-1/4/16; Packet Trunk 10G.

  • User interface: 2 Mbit/sec (G.703/704); FXS/FXO; 2/4-wire VF channel with E&M; V.24 / V.11 / V.35 / X.21 / RS530(A); С37.94; 10/100/1000 Ethernet (PoE).

  • Transport networks technologies support: SDH (STM-1/4/16), 10G Ethernet/Carrier Ethernet/MPLS-TP.

  • Supports hardware duplication and implements various channel redundancy schemes to ensure the system reliability.


  • Connection Master allows to optimize the cost of technical solution by keeping key system functions within the aggregate modules and using tributary modules as end user interfaces;

  • Supports well proven TDM (PDH / SDH) as well as packet switching technology MPLS-TP with Carrier Ethernet and circuit emulation (i.e. SAToP);

  • Allows to construct mission critical networks based on the packet switching technologies for the customers, which is oriented to the most advanced technologies and innovative development;

  • Allows to further use the traditional digital technologies (PDH/SDH) for the customers, which is oriented to the time and experience proven solutions;

  • Provides an intuitive graphical interface for local/remote configuration and control;

  • Provides back to back compatibility at data link layer with equipment from other vendors;

  • Steadily operates under adverse climatic conditions and under the influence of increased electromagnetic interference;

  • Connection Master platform is developed by engineers with extensive experience in the field of telecommunications and adapted by specialists with deep knowledge of the Russian electric power industry specifics.

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