SHOGM – Cabinets for Digital data transmission system (DDTS) through fiber-optic

An example of cabinet for DDTS – SHOGM.M42.14CM (construction documentation), as a DDTS the Connection Master (DNWP) is used


SHOGM is designed for production and technological communication networks construction together with organization of channels of:
  • telephone communication,
  • dispatching telephony,
  • teleautomatics,
  • before and after emergency automatic,
  • high-speed data channel,
  • relay protection command transmission,
  • automatic emergency response system and stick force,
  • lines’ differential protection channels,
  • other types of technological and corporate traffic;

As a data-communication equipment in SHOGM Cabinets the equipment from the following leading national and/or international manufacturers is used:
  • DNWP
  • Keymile
  • Ire-Plus
  • Volga Т8
  • Ciena
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • etc.

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