PKUS SR24 The Device for Transmission of Emergency and Control Signals (DTECS) with a function of intermediate panel


RPA transmission


PKUS SR24 is designed based on PKU SR24 with full saving of its functionality and integrates the intermediate panel and DTECS via digital communication channel in one construction. .

 Main functions

  • RPA transmission

  • - via digital networks (SDH/PDH, IP/MPLS, etc.) with C37.94 and E1 interfaces, ,
    - via direct optical fibers for a distance of up to 240 km (the distance may be increased by optical amplifiers),
    - via DWDM systems,
    - via radio relay communication lines.
  • on-line input and output of RPA commands via keys with physical rupture providing,
  • fixation and visualization of RPA commands acquisition. .

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PKUS SR24 provides

  • input and output of up to 24 RPA commands,

  • RPA commands transmission time for less than 10 milliseconds,

  • reliability (commands’ undetection probability) – 10-4,

  • safety (false command probability) – not above 10-30 at the worst,

  • operation via one or two line interfaces,

  • seamless channel redundancy with 0 milliseconds time for switching from main to redundant channel,

  • T-schemes with ‘AND’ or ‘OR’ logic, providing ‘point-to-multipoint’ commands transmission with an option to output and to add commands into intermediate PKUS SR24

  • duplex ‘point-to-multipoint’ commands transmission (up to 6 directions) via digital networks without retransmission at intermediate PKUS SR24,

  • simplex broadcasting of commands to several objects (up to 62) via digital networks without retransmission at intermediate PKUS SR24 with the use of PKUS SR24 Module EO2 interface converter,

  • optical interfaces with a use of SPF modules,

  • commands’ input and output with keys (switches) for transferring, processing and for 4 receiving directions,

  • LEDs’ nonvolatile recording of the commands, alarms and failures,

  • fixation of commands transmission, keys positions, internal and external alarms and failures and device operations into the on-board nonvolatile event log,

  • saving of event log data in a non-editable or COMTRADE format,

  • informational input about commands transmission, keys positions, internal and external alarms and failures and device operations into Automatic Process Control System,,

  • synchronization of marks in the event log by IRIG-B signal,

  • discrete inputs and outputs compliance with PAO FGC UES standards,


  • user’s interface program HMI Panel for configuration, adjustment and monitoring is compatible with PKU SR24 and PKUS SR24,

  • RPA commands transmission time, their reliability (commands’ undetection probability) and safety (false command probability) exceed the requirements of GOST R 55105-2012 “United power system and isolated working system. Operative-dispatch management. Automatic emergency control of methods of power systems. Emergency control of power systems. Norms and requirements” and IEC 60834-1 “Teleprotection equipment of power systems. Performance and testing. Part 1. Command systems,

  • complies with national requirements for electromagnetic capability or exceeds them,

  • reliability increase by elimination of discrete inputs, outputs and signal cables between DTECS and intermediate panel, constant monitoring of connection between DTESC and intermediate panel

  • panel scheme ordering based on generic solutions with PKU SR24,

  • reliability improvement by reducing of the number of signal cables and conductors’ terminal connection,

  • reduction of inspections during operation, reduction of labor costs for service maintenance, standard maintenance solutions,

  • small overall dimensions make it possible to avoid the frequent problems with equipment installation at electricity generation facilities,

  • typification of technical solutions provides the reduction in number of mistakes of design decisions, reduction in their development time, analysis and consideration, typification of service maintenance methods and reduction of personnel trainings costs.

  • principles of PKUS SR24 centers operating are patented.

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